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Can anyone recommend any Malbec that is fairly affordable (around $10)?
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Good luck!

I'd spend the $22 to get a Ferngrove "The King" Malbec from the Frankland River in Western Australia. Though Argentina usually does the variety well, you might try there.
look in the Argentine section of your wine store and see if you can find a Malbec from Trapiche. It should be around your price range!
Don Miguel Gascon is about $10, and is a safe pick. Good Argentine Sangiovese too!
Hello all,

Life on the line has been great. Friday I get to shadow the pastry team at picasso, their desserts are sublime. Amazing plates, presenatation and a guava syrup that nearly made me faint.

Coming up in july I am doing a private dinner for my friend and his wife, I need wine pairings to go with this smaller portioned, 4 course seafood tasting menu.

For my friend and his wife and I need some suggestions for wine pairings. Here is the menu, if anyone has any suggestions it would be totally appreciated.

4 course tasting menu

Duet of ahi tuna tartare
one served with citrus essence, capers, shallots and chives
one served with sake soaked cucumber & soy-lime dressing.

Seared Sea Scallops with Sweet pea puree and Red cabbage slaw poached in golden pear balsamic vinegar

Pan roasted salmon with beurre` rouge, sweet potato risotto style and wilted baby spinach

Sea bass with tomato broth, shallot confit, lemon-thyme oil and wild Mushroom ragout.

Trio of sorbet with pineapples cooked in dark rum, brown sugar and cinnamon.

please help, I have until june 30th to put it together.
I didn't even notice this comment until today, this community is dead as the proverbial.

Out of interest do you remember what you ended up drinking that night?

one was a sancere with the bass, a dry rose with the scallops, and I don't remember the rest....

but it turned out well.