Eric (escapade52) wrote in tasting_notes,

Carlyle 2002 Riesling, Victoria, Aus. Price: $13 Rating: 81
I've been banging the "Australian Riesling" drum for quite a bit, so I should warn you about a poor one. First off, nearly all Australian Riesling comes in a screw-cap. Screw-caps are actually technically superior to cork (cork is an older technology), and screwing their Rieslings are kind of the Aussie way of saying "Hey, we're hip to whats good and current. And we know our stuff is so good that anyone who would turn it down for not having a cork doesn't deserve it anyway." Which I totally respect. Anyway, Carlyle has a cork, which should have immediately raised a red flag.

Thin, insipid, and cheap-tasting. Its somewhat dry, but there's no nuance to actually make it a pleasant experience. Just not a good bottle, avoid this one.
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