Kitten Kommissar (chickenfeet2003) wrote in tasting_notes,
Kitten Kommissar

Marynissen Cabernet Franc 1998, VQA Niagara

The last of a case bought from the winery at C$16/bottle.

This was a really nice bottle of wine but I had a really hard time identifying specific flavours. My notes include integrated, good food wine, elegant and austere. In short, it tasted like an old fashioned Cru Bourgeois claret from the pre-Parker days when they weren't all trying to make fruit bombs.
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Yes, I love Marynissen. There are three cases of their wines in the cellar right now and I think a trip to check out the 2001 reds will be required soon. They are lovely people too and they won't make inflated claims for their wines. They are very honest about their less successful wines. I remember the look Sandra's mom gave me when I grimaced when tasting a rather awful Gewurz. It was entirely sympathetic. And yes, the cat is a sweetie.