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Gewurtz to the Wise

I've been a fan of Alsatian wines for years. I'm most familiar with producers like Marcel Deiss, Lucien Albrecht, Zind-Humbrecht (when I'm lucky), Sparr, Schoffit, and Burn. Recently, I tried a new producer for the first time, and was blown away by the great value.

The producer is Welty, and the wine is the Gewürtztraminer Bollenberg 2002. Startlingly rich, slightly sweet without being the least bit cloying, and with distinct classic lychee and rose petal gewurtz flavors. At $16, this was a steal -- I've had well-regarded Alsatian wines for twice the price that were not as well-extracted, balanced, or varietally correct. It may not be Zind-Humbrecht, but it's an awfully good impersonation at a very attractive price. And the leftover half bottle more than held its own against szechuan pork with asparagus, which is about as difficult a dish to match with a wine as you're going to find.

90 points, best buy, QPR winner, special food note.
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